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per month

Website Design
Website Hosting
Copy Write
Google Analytics
Contact Form Integration
Website Graphics
Blog Development
SSL Security Certificate
Social Media Presence
Monthly Reporting
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Everything in Essential plus
Paid Google Ads
Paid Facebook Ads
Search Engine Optimization
Plugin Updates
Page Speed Optimization
Basic SEO Keywords
30 minutes Troubleshoot
Minor Design Changes
*Ad budget included
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Everything in Premium plus
Weekly Backups
E-commerce Store
Performance Monitoring
Security Monitoring
Advanced SEO Keywords
1 Hour Troubleshoot*
Strategy Call*
Design Modifications*
*Ad budget included
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No credit card required. You will only be asked for it after your project is finalized.



Websites are prone to threats and attacks. So, it becomes essential to monitor potential attacks and take necessary steps for protection.


As part of the website care, we provide support for any issues that may occur on your website related to hosting or modifications.


As the market evolves and changes over time, so does your website. Constant software updates are required to keep up with the new technology.


Having a website does not usually fulfill business goals by itself. Analytics Dashboard allows you to constantly monitor the ROI of your website.


How to decide which plan is most suitable?

Essential plan offers basic hosting with all the essential elements of maintaining a website. If your goal is to just have a website without enhancing your online presence through Google or other distribution channels, then the Essential Plan should be good enough. If you are planning to make your website more integral part of your business, with enhanced search engine optimization and analytics, consider Premium Plan. Our professional plan is optimized for e-commerce sites and is recommended when heavier traffic is expected. 

What is Robust Cloud Hosting?

We host your websites on Google Cloud Platform by deploying custom server size/memory on virtual machines to allow for future optimization and scalability. This ensures your project to be traffic and workload responsive. To learn more, please visit Virtual Machines Instances.

How do I get extra support?

Our team offers extra support based on an individual basis. You can send us an email at: for more information.

What kind of support is included in monthly troubleshoot?

If your website site is experiencing any unexpected technical issues, our monthly troubleshoot will cover those concerns. It could include broken links, functionality issues, or optimized website speed.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate protects information that travels to and from the user. How is it relevant in this context? Google tends to rank websites higher on a search if they are using SSL certificate to protect the information. It ensures that the information stays secure and unreadable to malicious intruders. 

What is the analytics dashboard?

Analytics Dashboard offers personalized website insights to business owners. It shows how the website is doing on the web – how many people are viewing your website, how are people finding your website, etc. It helps you analyze the ROI of your website investment. You can also access our support through our Analytics Dashboard.

What is page speed optimization?

There are various factors that determine the speed of your website, such as, images, complex functionality, server size used, databases, traffic, etc. Page speed optimization allows us to improve the overall performance and speed of your website by addressing those factors on an ongoing basis.

What is security monitoring?

Security monitoring includes monitoring of malware attacks or hacks and setting up proper firewalls to address those concerns.

What are the benefits of design modifications in Professional Plan?

If you are on our Professional Plan, we provide additional design modifications support, assessed on an individual case basis. These benefits may involve discounts on design modifications or completely free of charge based on a situation.

What are consulting calls?

As part of our Professional Plan, we offer 30 minutes consulting calls where you can ask us any questions/concerns you may have regarding your website and marketing.

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