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SpotPharm, a software developed by DigiPharm Health Inc., is a uniquely designed online marketing platform for pharmacies, which focuses on providing users with an in-depth insight into different specialized services and products offered by various community pharmacies. 


SpotPharm allows users to search their pharmacy based on different specialized services they provide. For example, if they were prescribed metformin, they will be able to consult a certified diabetic educator and receive personalized pharmaceutical care. Users are able to write, access, and assess pharmacies based on in-depth online reviews. 


SpotPharm provides partner pharmacies with the autonomy to manage content of their specialized services. Coupled with our marketing tools, run SpotPharm-focussed campaigns and get the most ROI for your marketing budget. SpotPharm allows you to build brand equity, increasing patient engagement, and/or your relevant business metrics.

Why SpotPharm?

Let’s say you’re travelling to Mexico and you need travel vaccines. Using SpotPharm, you can find a closest pharmacy that provides travel consultations along with all of your other preferences. Such preferences may include having coffee while you wait as you’re getting your vaccinations or ensuring you’re not paying for parking. 

Pharmacy optimized search engine

Allows to search pharmacies based on different specialized services they provide.

advanced in-depth online reviews

An ability to write, access, and assess pharmacies with in-depth online reviews.

personalized digital media marketing

Targeted niche marketing with the ability to personalize content as required.

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