Imperial Clinical Hub


Front-End Development

Web Design & Development

Live Helpdesk Integration

Imperial Clinical Hub

Created an innovative site to launch a new clinical based program to increase pharmacist knowledge and better patient outcomes.
Date: April 2020
Client: Imperial
User Experience
Creative Design
Vendor Engagement

Imperial Clinical Hub

Imperial Distributors Canada Inc. Is a leader in wholesale distribution, pharmacy practices and innovation. Imperial Distributors Canada Inc. Services a large amount of pharmacy cliental and consistently provides the best experiences and service possible. 

DigiPharm Health worked closely with Imperial Distributors Canada Inc to help launch a novel clinical pharmacy program. DigiPharm Health utilized both clinical and design knowledge in order to develop a site which brought the novel idea to life. We also implemented new technologies to ensure the clinical program would be able to sustain themselves, collect appropriate data, and engage all clients.

What We Learned

1. Fine balance – Too much information on a website can be a bad thing. You need to identify the crucial information and use that; all other information can be presented in different way other than taking up real estate on the site.
2. Effective communication – When launching an educational site, there must be some sort of communication tool in place which aids in engaging the users/learners.
3. Seamless – A site design must stay true to the company it is servicing but it must always provide a seamless digital user experience.
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