Infectious Meningitis


UX/UI Design

Risk Quiz Integration

Patient Education

Infectious Meningitis

Created an innovative educational tool for better patient engagement and education.
Date: February 2019
Client: Non Profit Organization
User Experience
Web Development
Visual Design

Infectious Meningitis

DigiPharm Health worked closely with to deliver an education tool to increase patient education on Meningitis. DigiPharm Health utilized clinical knowledge and appraised all applicable information and evidence pertaining to meningitis and the current vaccines available. 

We extracted the key information and tailored in a fashion that was easy to read and understand. We turned the information into a risk assessment quiz, which allowed all patients to assess their risk after reading information regarding meningitis.

What We Learned

1. Knowledge is key – It is important to display all important information about a disease state in order to ensure patients understand the disease.
2. Clear and concise – When writing medical information for patients it is crucial to remove all jargon and ensure all information is presented in the most basic way possible.
3. Colours – colour coding the results of risk assessment quizzes allows for quick identification of results
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