Input Health Ontario


Front-End Development

Web Design & Development

Lead Form Integration

Input Health

Created an innovative informative landing page to increase brand awareness and showcase new technologies.
Date: November 2019
Client: Healthtech Company
Creative Design
Web Development
Visual Design
HubSpot Integration

Input Health Ontario

Input Health is a technology company primarily invested in healthcare. Input Health's primary initiative is to help healthcare professionals connect with their patients through virtual care, online bookings, streamlined documentation, and much more. 

DigiPharm Health Inc worked with Input Health to strategize, design, and deliver an informative landing page outlining Input Health's new initiative. DigiPharm Health ensured seamless design along with implementing technologies to generate leads and capture information for potential clients.

What We Learned

1. A few words go along way – To ensure effective communication it is best to use the least amount of words.
2. White space – Freeing up real estate on the website allows for a more seamless experience.
3. Branding – creating a style guide for websites allows the design to stay true to the brand.
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