Peace Pharmacy

COVID Social Media Engagement


Creative Design

Patient Engagement

COVID Patient Engagement

DigiPharm Health worked with Peace Pharmacy to create multiple social media campaigns to engage individuals living in the respective rural community. The campaigns were targeted and provided information regarding services provided by the pharmacy during these trying times.
Creating an engaging social media campaign to increase brand awareness for a rural independent pharmacy during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Date: April 2020
Client: Community Pharmacy

What We Learned

1. Don’t try to sell – use social media channels to bring awareness and information to communities, instead of a product-based approach.
2. Content is key – use your media channels to explain your offerings to patients using a mix of written and creative content.
3. Engage patients – replying to comments on social media posts is crucial as it shows the company cares for their patients not just in the pharmacy, but online as well.
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