Wilson Pharmacy

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Wilson Pharmacy

Creating an innovative online experience to increase brand awareness for a community pharmacy.
Category: Web development, Brand Strategy
Date: January 2020
Client: Community Pharmacy

Wilson Pharmacy

Wilson Pharmacy is a locally owned and operated community pharmacy that prioritizes patient care above everything. Wilson Pharmacy innovates by their continued efforts to provide the best care possible. 

DigiPharm Health worked with Wilson Pharmacy to deliver and successfully launch a new website and social media channels to better patient experience and increase brand awareness in their respective community.
What We Learned
  1. Don’t hold back– use your website to showcase the awards you have won in supporting your community. This allows for a personal touch and gives insight into your active involvement in the community.
  2. Design is key – ensure the website design creates the best user experience possible so patient know where to turn for trustworthy information.
  3. Include your patients – having patient testimonials and videos shows you care about you patients in many ways. It also helps create a sense of security knowing the patients you have cared for.
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